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Friends & Amateur Radio Communications Enthusiasts

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>>> Note: Regular luncheons will be on the 1st Tuesday of each month except as noted. <<<

  • Tue 07 May '19 @ ~11:30am PDT:   FARCE Monthly Luncheon
            Location: Side Burn BBQ & Brew (916) 858-8195
            2320 Sunrise Blvd, R.C.     <
    MENU >
                < MAP >   (Off of Coloma Rd where Dickey's BBQ used to be)
                Field Day: Prelim Planning Briefing by FD Team Leader, W6UHQ
                      Borrowing ECC Equipment for FD??

  • Tue 04 Jun '19 @ ~11:30am PDT:   FARCE Monthly Luncheon
            Brookfields (916-638-2046)
            11135 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova (Just west of Sunrise Blvd)
                  Topics: Final Field Day Briefing by Dennis-W6UHQ, FD Team Leader

  • F.A.R.C.E. / ARRL FIELD DAY WEEKEND   22-23 JUNE 2019
    Dennis-W6UHQ is FD Team Leader

    OFFICIAL INFO:   Watch here for FD Info & Rules when made available

      LOCATION: at the QTH of W6UHQ & KF6ZOY  

    FIELD DAY W E E K E N D   A G E N D A:
  • SAT 22JUN 1100hrs PDT - Sun 23JUN 1700hrs PDT @ W6UHQ & KF6ZOY QTH

  • Tue 02 Jul '19 @ ~11:30am PDT:   FARCE Monthly Luncheon
            Location TBD
                  Topics: Field Day Report by Dennis-W6UHQ, FD Team Leader

  • Watch here for add'l F.A.R.C.E. events
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