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A brief history of our 'Jester' Logo

Once we had decided upon the FARCE acronym for our club, and since it was formed around April 1st, the group decided that it would be fitting if we had a logo that included a 'Jester'. Chris, KE6FCJ, said he had a friend (Eli Hooper, a graphic artist in Grass Valley) that he would contact to see if he would be interested in designing us a logo which we could use for shirts and ball caps, etc. In early 1998 Eli created the original as an EPS file with the ability to change the call sign in the bottom ribbon to individualize it for each of the eight members that we had when the club was formed. In 1998 the eight of us ordered and purchased through Chris from Eli a Golf type black shirt and a 'Teal' blue ball cap, with our individual call sign logo screen-printed on them. Bob, WA6FGU, slightly modifed Eli's design in 2000 to clean up some of the edges of the images, to add the original 1998 copyright date and to change the bottom banner ribbon to our club call sign. That logo is shown on the left, below.
WA6FGU redesigned the logo in 2004, retaining the Jester and radio image (after putting them on a slight diet), as well as clarifing the colors and images one pixel at a time. Bob also removed the top and bottom ribbons replacing them with an oval that encircles the whole Jester logo and placed the 'KF6NNM' club call sign and updated copyright at the bottom inside the oval. Bob decided that it would be better if our logo contained our city rather than our individual call signs making it easier to have the logo reproduced for shirts, caps and as patches. He put 'Sacramento' at the bottom of the oval and the full name of our club around the rest of the oval. The rest of the club agreed when a draft of the newly designed logo was presented to them at one of our monthly luncheons early in 2004. This logo is our current form and is shown on the right below.
F.A.R.C.E. Original Jester Logo F.A.R.C.E. 2004 Jester Logo

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